Cornerstone Presbyterian

What to Expect

Our Worship Service

Our two worship services (8:20 & 11:00 except for one service at 9:30 in the summer) follow the same format and style. Generally, we start our service in praise to God using music that is contemporary in style with some traditional favorites blended in. A talented team of Cornerstone musicians lead this. At each service we spend time in prayer as a congregation and frequently hear a brief update from some area of ministry at Cornerstone. While we take worship very seriously, our style is informal. People come dressed in both “business attire” and shorts. Our emphasis is on content over appearance.

Pastor Billy usually provides the morning Scripture message. Billy is a down-to-earth teacher who speaks from his heart and always has a challenge and an encouragement for us to take home. We believe that you’ll find our congregation to be friendly and glad to see you are here.

Our Fellowship Time and Sunday School

Our first service is followed by a brief fellowship time of coffee and snacks, which is a great time to get to know the people of Cornerstone. Usually Pastor Billy will be available to greet you at the door as you leave, but we encourage you to stay a bit and have some refreshments with us.

During the school year, there are Sunday school classes for all ages including several options for adults. These classes are offered directly after the fellowship time (10-10:45 except summer).