Cornerstone Presbyterian

Boys’ LIFE (1st and 2nd) is a ministry for young boys who are in 1st and 2nd grade. Families are constantly busy and it is often difficult for dads to spend time with their sons. Boys’ LIFE (1st and 2nd) tries to address this problem by providing many different ways in which dads and adult leaders can connect with the boys. The ministry offers dads and leaders a weekly opportunity to invest time with the boys in which to build relationships. During this time, dads are encouraged to come and participate with the son, but the ministry also offers many different activities where boys can grow spiritually with the help of other adult leaders, as well as have fun.

Leaders of Boys LIFE (1st and 2nd) aim to:

A. Guide boys to the Lord

B. Guide boys to the Word of God

C. Guide boys to Christian maturity

D. Guide boys to the local church

We want you!
We want you and your son to join us on Wednesday nights for Boys LIFE (1st and 2nd) from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. The program is designed to establish relationships. This ministry encourages boys to grow in their relationship with Christ, their leaders and their fathers.

Boys’ LIFE is currently in between sessions and will resume in Fall 2017.