Cornerstone Presbyterian

Men’s Ministry at Cornerstone exists to disciple every man in our congregation from adolescence up to move them into a closer walk with God and a deeper relationship with other men that they might fulfill the Bible’s vision of manhood.

Men’s Ministry: Fall of 2017

Time: Mondays 7:00pm and Tuesdays 6:00am

Dates:  October 2nd through November 7th

Subject:  A Man and His Work

Last year, we spent time examining our relationship to God as a man created in His image and redeemed by His son. We evaluated the influences of our personal past history, ongoing relationships, and idols in our daily walk.

Now, we’ll focus on that which consumes vast amounts of our attention, energy and time: work. We’ll look at what are desired outcomes from employment and conventional responses to it. Then, we’ll examine the Biblical blueprint for work: defining it, establishing God’s model for it, and moving ourselves into the reality of being a life-giving presence in all areas of our lives, including work.

We’ll use the same format as last year, a 30 minute video presentation from 33 the Series, followed by small group interaction and inter-weekly support.

The workbook is very helpful and is available now. Contact Marsh Williams if you have any questions at:

Email:    or     Phone: 302-530-3379