Cornerstone Presbyterian

Children and Youth Sunday School

Download a Winter 2018 – Children and Youth Information Brochure

Winter Session – 9:00am from January 7th through March 25th 

Infants through 3 Year Olds
Nursery Care

Rooms 109 & 110


He Established A Testimony
God has established a testimony to the next generation to tell of the glorious deeds of the Lord, and His might, and the wonders that He has done (Ps. 78:4). He has established a testimony in His Word – the Old Testament – which is full of stories of God’s power and His faithfulness.

Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4
(Must be fully potty trained and 3 years by September 1, 2017)
Teachers: Sue Smith & Susie Strumbeck
Drop Off: Room 103
Pick Up: Room 105

Jesus What A Savior!
This curriculum is designed to present the lessons in a way that proclaims the centrality of the greatness and worth of God. The key focus is on God’s revelation of His Son, Jesus, as the one and only hope for desperate sinners – the good news of the Gospel!

Teachers: Jan Keen & Jen Smith
Drop Off: Room 103
Pick Up: Room 108

1st Grade
Teachers: Don and Jody Morgan & Julie Mull
Drop Off: Room 103
Pick Up: Room 104

Faithful to All His Promises
The goal of this curriculum is not to teach as many of the promises of God as possible, but rather to teach children what it means to trust in the promises of God. The promises are used as an illustration to show that God is trustworthy.

2nd Grade
Teachers: Kristen Davis & Ben Myers
Drop Off: Room 103
Pick Up: Room 210

3rd Grade
Teachers: Diane Coleman & Barb Strawley
Drop Off: Room 103
Pick Up: Room 209


4th & 5th Grades
Taught by Richard Rush & Christy Green in Room 206
This session the class will continue our study through the book Understanding our Faith, by Stephen Smallman. This is an excellent age appropriate book for teaching the truths of our faith based on the Shorter Catechism. In addition, students who take the class will talk about church membership and the sacraments. Completion of the book gives the student the opportunity to become a member.
Teachers: Richard Rush & Christy Green
Room 206

6th through 8th Grades
Taught by Rob and Amy Gregory in the Youth Room
Our middle school class uses the Orange Curriculum. Topics for the winter session include Ten (a study of the Ten Commandments), Release (Forgiveness), Babel (Technology), and Shift (Easter).   The class includes games, teaching, small group time, and donuts!

9th through 12th Grades
Taught by Dan Smith Jr. in The Loft
Our high school class will be learning about the basics of Christianity. We will be taking a deeper look into topics such as the Bible, the Trinity, and the Church. This Sunday school class will help aid students in understanding the specifics of their faith and how to share it with others. Bring a Bible!