Cornerstone Presbyterian

Adult Sunday School

Sunday Mornings at 9:00 a.m. beginning September 9

Adult Sunday School classes teach the Scriptures, how to understand them better, and how to apply them to real life, all in an atmosphere of love and fellowship. Please join one of our classes, and find their value for your life in Christ.

Spiritual Discernment

Christians today are confronted with an endless array of opinions on life, all claiming to be more correct than all the others.  In a world seemingly filled with gray issues, how can Christians develop discernment to understand and apply biblical truth to some of life’s most difficult challenges?  This class explores how we can develop the Discipline of Spiritual Discernment through Tim Challies’ book by that name. Led by Kevin Smith, Seth Watts, and Marsh Williams in Fellowship Hall.

Biblical-Theological Intro to the New Testament (Part 1)

Whether you are a new believer in Christ or veteran Christian, come to gain a broad sweep of the teaching of the New Testament. Borrowing from a new book written by 9 of Reformed Theological Seminary’s past and present scholars, this class aims to present a broad overview of the New Testament from redemptive-historical, theological, and practical angles. Led by Dave Phillips and Dan Smith, Sr. in Room 208.

Genesis (Part 4)

Historically, Jews and Christians alike have held that Moses was the author and compiler of Genesis and the other four books of the Old Testament to make up the Pentateuch. Genesis speaks of beginnings – of the heavens and earth, of light and darkness, of seas and skies, of land and vegetation, of sun and moon and stars, of sea and air and land animals, of human beings made in God’s own image, of sin and redemption, and the lists could go on and on.

The book of Genesis is foundational to the understanding of the rest of the Bible. Its message is rich, and complex, and listing its main elements gives a succinct outline of the Biblical message as a whole. It is supremely a book of relationships, highlighting those between God and nature, God and man, and man and man. Join us as we study many of the “firsts” in the ten sections of the Book of Genesis. Led by Bruce Boone and Mark Whiteman in Room 201.


We often expend our efforts to control things and to be involved in decision making. We are not commanded to control things in the NT, but we are commanded to pray. I Timothy 2:1 tells us to make prayers for our leaders. We need more opportunities to pray together for God’s Kingdom: for our pastors, elders, ministries, outreaches, missions, etc. In this class we will spend most of our time praying together for kingdom issues, after a short devotional on prayer each week. Led by Dave Strumbeck in Room 207.

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